Privileges and responsibilities

Members of the IGMNiR are entitled to:

  • active voting right to the organs of the IGMNiR,
  • the right to nominate candidates to the organs of the IGMNiR,
  • the right to participate in all forms of activities of the IGMNiR,
  • the right to use any form of assistance of the IGMNiR as specified by the IGMNiR,
  • the right to gain support from the IGMNiR.

Members of the IGMNiR shall have the following responsibilities:

  • following the rules of ethics, merchant dignity and refraining from any activities violating the merchant dignity and the reputation of the IGMNiR,
  • timely payment of membership fees,
  • supporting IGMNiR in achieving the designated objectives and tasks,
  • complying with the provisions of the Statute of the IGMNiR and respecting the resolutions of the IGMNiR,
  • preserving the good name of the IGMNiR.
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