Membership conditions

IGMNiR remains open to both domestic companies and foreign companies operating at least one year in the industry of non-ferrous metals and recycling.

How to become a member of IGMNiR?

The candidate company for a Member of the IGMNiR should provide the following documents in written or electronic form:

1) Membership application (available in the section Documents to download),
2) Extract from the relevant register or business activity register,
3) Basic information about the activities, held authorizations, certificates and education of staff and membership to other chambers of commerce,
4) A positive recommendation of two members of the IGMNiR,
5) The names of individuals and address of the person authorized to representation.

Decisions on admission to the group of Members are taken by the Executive Board of the IGMNiR by a resolution no later than four months from the date of submission of the documents.

Become a member