Zarmen - General Contractor of Industrial Investment Projects

Register address:

ul. Chłodna 51,00-867 Warszawa, Poland

Post address:

ul. Stefana Batorego 44,

41-506 Chorzów, Poland

T: +48 32 790 99 00

F: +48 32 790 99 99 |

Zarmen Sp. z o.o. is a commercial law limited liability company. It was established based on a notarial deed on 26 March 2003. The company's registered office is located in Warsaw, 51 Chłodna Street, while its headquarters is located in Chorzów, 44 Stefana Batorego Street.

The Group's key business activities include the provision of construction and assembly services. Within these, one can distinguish the following:

  • general contracting for industrial investment projects including services provided under the GRI formula
  • the continuous provision of maintenance and repair services by so-called technological maintenance operating teams

Zarmen Sp. Z o. o.

  • general contracting of industrial investment projects,
  • repairs and overhauls of technological systems, e.g. for the coking and metallurgical industries,
  • current maintenance and repair services for industrial plants,
  • industrial electrical systems; control, instrumentation and other technological equipment,
  • steel structures.

HPH Hutmasztprojekt Sp. z o. o.

  • basic and detail engineering of coking and metallurgical machinery,
  • execution of „turn-key” industrial investment projects.

Koksowania Częstochowa Nowa Sp. Z o. o.

  • manufacture of metallurgical and casting coke as well as carbon products.

Energomontaż Zachód Wrocław Sp. Z o. o.

  • manufacture of steel structures and equipment as well as assembly of power engineering and industrial facilities,
  • performance of deliveries for the power engineering, ship-building, chemical, metallurgical and petroleum industries.

Rue Sp. Z o. o.

  • production of elements of pressure equipment,
  • assembly and commissioning of thermal power-generation facilities and technological facilities,
  • production and assembly of industrial steel machine and equipment constructions.

Zarmen FPA Sp. Z o. o.

  • manufacture of freely forged products, forgings, bars, rolls, rings, shafts with a mass of up to 25 Mg.

Rybnickie Zakłady Naprawcze Sp. Z o. o.

  • manufacture of large-size machinery such as RZN-type floatation machines, RZN-type fines jiggers, RZN-type filter chamber presses, RZN-type belt conveyors, hydraulic follow-up tightening stations for RZN-type belt conveyors, bucket elevators.

Opolrem Sp. Z o. o.

  • current, intermediate and general repairs and overhauls of technological machines and equipment for the cement, lime, gypsum, power engineering and paper industries. We specialize in the overhauls of complete technological lines, but we can also take care of individual elements.
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