TRM Metals Polska sp. z o.o.

TRM Metals Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Mickiewicza 29, 40-085 Katowice

TRM Group is one of the leading players on the international metal markets. Starting our activity from 2009, annually we invest our time and efforts into promotion of our products and brand.
Today TRM group is a conglomerate of production, trading and logistic sites situated in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and China. Global thinking and system approach allow us to handle the most ambitious tasks and show constant growth and development.
We produce copper alloys: brass and bronze. Our production plant is situated in Mozyr, south of Belarus.
We can also offer zinc, lead and aluminum.
Currently there are 5 furnaces operating 24/7 with a total production capacity of 2000 tons monthly.
To mark its presence on the European market, was established TRM Metals Polska sp z o.o. to be able to better understand the expectations of our partners and be perceived as a reliable business partner.


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