MGDF Sp. z o.o.

ul. Rakowicka 10b/5

31-511 Kraków

tel. +48 12 265 02 57

fax. +48 22 479 49 29 |

MGDF Sp. z o.o. specializes in getting EU grants for investment purpose. For 14 years company has advised entrepreneurs and local government units in choosing of financing tools (PHARE, SAPARD, European Structural Funds 2004-2006 and 2007-2013) helping concomitantly the comprehensive implementation of the investment process from concept to closure of the project.

To this moment, MGDF effectively has handled investments the total amount of 700 000 000 PLN. The best recomendation for company is bunch of satisfied customers and the highest level of services.

MGDF analizes capabilities of client support by looking for based on EU funds financing in the following areas of action:

- Research & Development

- Financing of investments

- The development of the IT sector

- Infrastructure and Environment

- Development of export

MGDF gets funds for investment on the Research & Development. The aim of company’s activity is to increase the use of new solutions necessary for economic development and improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the development of Polish society, which have particular importance in a New Financial Perspective for the EU 2014-2020. Implemented project should encourage researchers to develop new useful solutions for entrepreneurs, as well as encourage investors to use them in practice. The company provides comprehensive financial, substantive and methodological support throughout the research process, from the time of incubation idea to commercialize the product (“from idea to industry”).

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