Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of Sciences

ul. W. Reymonta 25

30- 059 Kraków, Poland

T: +48 12 637 45 80/ +48 12 295 28 01

F: +48 12 637 21 92/ + 48 12 295 28 04 |

The Institute is one of the leading research centres in the field of fundamental and applied materials science. The research activities correspond to the prioritiesof Ministry of Science, Research and Information Technology, Polish Academy of Sciences and 6th Frame-work Programme of the European Community. The research is performed based a long-term co-operation with large number of scientific institutions in Poland and such countries as: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, USA, Japan, Holland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Taiwan and Korea. In recognition of its scientific achievements, the main Polish scientific authority-State Committee for Scientific Research systematically in every-four-year assessments, awards the Institute the highest possible grade.

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