INNOVATOR Sp. z o.o.

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44-101 Gliwice, Poland

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Innovative Activity Plant INNOVATOR Sp. z o.o. is a company owned by one of the largest and well known research institutes in Europe, the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice.

INNOVATOR Ltd. is engaged in research, design, production, service and trade mainly in the field of copper, zinc, lead, silver, antimony ores and other non-ferrous metals as well as coal beneficiation.

Extensive experience of employees who know the industry well, and existing relationships in the sector, allows the Company to submit comprehensive technical and commercial offers to customers.

INNOVATOR Ltd. participates in the execution of complex tasks involving such broad areas as mining, beneficiation of minerals, non-ferrous metals metallurgy, metal processing and the environmental safety associated with each of those areas.

INNOVATOR Sp. z o.o. is a respected and known supplier of high-end machinery and equipment and modern technologies for the processing of non-ferrous metals and coal. Special importance is given to realizations of orders according to specific, individual requirements of the customer, with emphasis on the selection of optimal technology for ore owned by the client.

In scope of machinery supply INNOVATOR Ltd. works closely with the best plants producing reliable machines for the mining and beneficiation of non-ferrous metal ores and coal, basing on our documentation. The last few years INNOVATOR Sp. z o.o. effectively exported those machines and related technology to markets of China, Serbia and Kazakhstan.

INNOVATOR Ltd. specializes in technologies related to the enrichment of fossil raw materials, especially non-ferrous metals and coal. We coordinate all the activities of research, engineering and logistics associated with choosing of technology and then production and sale of equipment necessary for that technologies.

Offer includes, in particular:

- laboratory testing, pilot-plant and industrial scale to develop enrichment technology of selected raw materials,
- mineralogical and chemical analysis of supplied materials samples,
- flowsheet development and selection of machines and equipment for enrichment technology,
- design and production of selected machines for enrichment of minerals such as flotation machines type IF, IZ heavy dense medium separators, screens, concentration tables, etc.,
- completion of the equipment necessary for the implementation of selected technologies and the supply of such equipment to the site,
- installation supervision, commissioning and optimization of the operation of the equipment supplied until the expected technological indexes are achieved.

INNOVATOR Ltd. specialists in the Design Office create new technical solutions and develop multi-disciplinary, comprehensive technical documentation of industrial facilities including:

- technological concept;
- construction project with an environmental impact report;
- executive and as-built documentations.

As part of the general investment INNOVATOR Ltd. provides a full documentary, delivery of key elements of the installation, supervision of construction and installation and commissioning of complete transfer of the facility to operation.
INNOVATOR Ltd. leads general contracting for complete projects based on our own technological solutions.

Another main field of company’s activity is precious metals and silver recovery based on discarded and scraped materials.

INNOVATOR Ltd. is one of a leading manufacturer on Polish market of electroplated copper and it’s alloys wires and strips, covered with silver, tin, nickel and other metals, coiled on spools and coils.

Essential part of company’s activity is also trade with products made of non-ferrous metals, precious metals and their alloys.

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