Impexmetal S.A.

Ul. Jagiellońska 76

03-301 Warszawa

Tel: 22 658 65 68

Fax: 22 620 05 44 |

Impexmetal S.A.’s business profile is associated with non-ferrous metals with the plant Impexmetal S.A. Aluminium Konin with the seat in Konin. Aluminium Konin is a producer of a wide range of aluminium products and its alloys. Aluminium Konin is a leader on the Polish market as far as rolled aluminium products and its alloys are concerned.

The main products in the Aluminium Konin include:

- strips and sheets – used in electrical industry, chemical industry, automotive industry and construction industry,

- thin strips and sheets – used for cooler production, bottle caps, trays, windows shutters, terminal building strips.

Impexmetal S.A. is the parent company of the Impexmetal Group - one of the largest Polish industrial groups.

The basic business activities of the Impexmetal Group's companies included in the consolidated financial statements are:

- manufacture of metallurgical products from copper and its alloys,

- manufacture of copper and brass products,

- manufacture of semi-finished products from copper and copper alloys,

- manufacture of zinc products,

- purchase, processing and trading of battery scrap and non-ferrous metal waste, production of lead,

- trading activities.

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