Centrozłom Wrocław S.A.

ul.Robotnicza 16

53-608 Wrocław

tel.+71 356-66-66 |


We have been working from the Polish market continuously since 1946.

For almost 70 years of business, we have continually met the steadily increasing needs of our customers, and improving our raw material base.

We modernise specialized machinery, helping to increase production, and - at the same time - we use new technologies, and most importantly we take care of the continuous development of employees who contribute to our success story.
The range of services offered by our company is very wide.

We deal with (among other things):

  • The purchase, processing and sale of scrap steel, iron, and non-ferrous metals (copper, bronze, brass, aluminium, zinc),
  • The distribution of steel products and building materials,
  • Comprehensive services to companies in the field of industrial waste management,
  • The recovery and disposal of waste (including post-processing waste),
  • Construction reinforcements.
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