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40-956 Katowice, Poland

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Bipromet S.A. is a joint stock company listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Established in 1950 focused on design & build services for non-ferrous metals as well as environment protection industries.

Almost all copper smelters, aluminum smelters as well as zink and lead smelters in Poland have been designed, maintained and/or overhauled by Bipromet.

Air control installations such as electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters are always offered on turn-key basis.
Export activities cover almost all European countries, design & build services were also executed to Rayong Copper Smelter in Thailand, Caraiba Metais in Brasil, and many other plants in Iraq and African countries.

Bipromet S.A. offers design & build services ranging from technical and economic analyses, business planning to complete designs, deliveries, erection and supervisions for the needs of the following sectors:

  • Non-ferrous metals and steel industries
  • Environment protection

The Company designs and builds complete air control installations limiting emission of deleterious substances into atmosphere, particularly gas de-dusting systems, electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, gas cooling towers. The Company also prepares reports of plants and systems influence on natural environment.

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